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Can I choose my own colours/designs?

Yes, nothing has been made in advance. Once an order has been placed and references have been made by the customer we then make it to the best of what we can to meet their needs. If anything is not able to be done i.e. the design you want, we will then get in contact with you to let you know and help to work something out.

Can I pick up my items from you?

Yes you can arrange pick up orders. Please get in contact with us in advance to arrange this.

Can I remove the crystals in future?

The glue we use is super solid, but who knows maybe if you sit there and really work at it to try to get the crystals off then maybe they will come off. However, Bling Unique Boutique is not responsible for any damage you may cause to your item when trying to remove crystals.

Can I send an item that I own already for customisation?

Yes, if you already have items that you are thinking you would like embellished with crystals, then please use the contact information to get in touch with us to see if we can make it possible. For more information, please go on to the ‘You Bring, We Bling’ page of the website.

Do you offer same day dispatch?

We offer same day dispatch if you place your order before 3pm, Monday - Friday, on products that do not require blinging

How do I know that Bling Unique Boutique only use genuine Swarovski Crystals?

We buy our crystals directly from an authorised Swarovski distributor. At Bling Unique Boutique we pride ourselves in offering the best service possible for our clients by only using the finest tools and products. Swarovski crystals offer the ultimate sparkle that no other crystal can offer, for this reason we will ONLY ever use Swarovski crystals to be able to provide only the best. Swarovski crystals are instantly recognisable by many and are used by many designers because of their unbelievable diamond-like sparkle. Bling Unique Boutique is currently in the process of obtaining branding approval from Swarovski directly so that all our clients will then be able to recognise in writing that we are an official retailer using genuine Swarovski crystals to customise our products.

How long will it take to receive my item?

Depending on the item chosen, the time scale required to crystallize your order will be advised once your order has been placed. As each item is crystallized by hand, it is a very delicate process and the glues used require a certain amount of time to dry out. At Bling Unique Boutique we pride ourselves on being efficient, but as the items are only created once an order has been placed, they all require a certain amount of time to set before sending out to a customer. Most of our items are aimed to get shipped out within 10-14days, but this is just a guide due to popular demand during busy periods our turn around can be up to 21 days.

I need to make a return, what should I do?

Please look through our Returns Policy

My item is faulty, what should I do?

We strive to ensure that garments reach you in excellent condition. However, if you do find that you have received a faulty garment, or the wrong item has been sent to you please contact customer services. Please do not send your item back before you have been contacted by a member of our customer service team.

Please be aware, no 2 items are ever the same. Your order will not be classed as faulty unless it is something to do with our Swarovski Crystal customisation work. We have no control of how the brands we use are manufactured, no 2 are ever the same and may come up slightly different to one another. For example, no 2 Havaiana sandals are ever the same, this is not our fault this is the way they are manufactured and made by Havaiana. Also, Converse no 2 are ever the same, some times the toes caps are bigger on one size 5 to another size 5 resulting in more crystals being used on one than the other, again this is down to the manufacturers and will not be classed as faulty.

Why does it take so long to receive my order?

Every product on our website is custom made and made by hand after an order has been placed. Once we receive an order, we then have to gather all of the appropriate materials for your order and then cut and bond them together to make your product perfect for you. We can guarantee that you will find the results well worth the wait.

Will the crystals stay on?

Yes definitely. We have tried and tested our products to ensure maximum hold. Each crystal is handset with the highest quality adhesive. However, over time and use, a crystal may fall off. Although this happens infrequently, we will include extra crystals. You must take extra care of your product as it is unique like no other. Bling Unique Boutique do not take responsibility if the customer does not treat their item with care. If a crystal does happen to fall off within 2 months of recieving your order, we will be happy to repair it free of charge - not including postage cost.